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"Oh my gosh! If you're searching for a great place to get a massage go to Indora Chaviaras. Indora is a true master at her art as well as thoughtful and attentive! I walk out of there every time feeling awesome! I was giddy with happiness and excitement when I walked out yesterday, got in my car, and was like 'I can turn my head further!!!' I can tun my body backing up!!! Totally happy, check her out!!!"
~ Marsha - Secretary

"Indora is an excellent massage therapist with years of training experience. She is skilled at what she does and understands the human body. She has a way with her massages that can help in muscle recovery and recovery from injuries. I recommend Indora for all your massage needs."
~ Ben - Insurance Professional

"I've tried a few massage therapists and many have good qualities about their work but Indora is one of only 2 I've been to that combine all the best of them in one person. So I've been going exclusively to her for years. She listened and learned to what I like and draws from her experience to give me the best massage for my needs."
~ Paul

"Indora is not a 'cookie cutter' therapist who does the same routine for everyone. For my needs, she uses a Flowing non-rushed rhythm that makes the body feel connected and allows the mind to go to another place."
 ~ John - Pediatrician


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