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Hello my name is Indora Chaviaras. As a highly sensitive person I have always been drawn to the healing arts. As a young woman I started out dancing and painting. In my twenties I became captivated by yoga and meditation. This opened the door to the mystical arts and healing - eventualy leading to massage. When I was in my late twenties I followed my brother out to Big Sur California. It was here that I became a serious student of yoga and massage.

I did my formal yoga studies at Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, CA. I learned the ancient wisdom of Aṣhṭānga yoga, meditation and Pranayama. I then went on to study with famous teachers such as Kofi and Shiva Rea at Esalen Institute. This opened doors for me in to the finest resorts and spas. As a matter of course I studied massage. I studied anatomy, physiology and kinesiology in depth. I had many skilled and wonderful teachers. One of which taught at the Esalen Institute which I frequented during my years in Big Sur. It was from this teacher that I learned the slow, long, continuous, flowing massage strokes that my clients love and find deeply relaxing and trance-like. From another teacher I learned deep tissue massage, an all-time favorite. And another teacher taught me Sports massage which I use in combination with deep tissue for athletes and injuries.

As time went on, working mostly in resorts, I added another skill. I became an esthetician. I trained at Federico Beauty Institute in Sacramento, CA. Again, receiving teaching from top-notch teachers I learned how to administer high quality results oriented facials and professional make-up artistry. I currently use the Image Skincare line seen in top spa magazines.


As a student of psychic development and mediumship I have acquired a skill as an intuitive body scanner. This involves me sitting quietly with my client and scanning their body with my mind's eye. To my surprise I am 100 percent accurate with this skill. I then discuss my findings along with any emotional, psychologcal and spritual aspects.

It is always my intent to meet and serve each client's individual needs and provide healing.


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